Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sync your Planapple trips with Google Calendar and iCal

While it would be nice to do nothing but travel and plan trips with Planapple full time, most of us have busy lives filled with work, family, and social appointments. There are lots of great, free, calendar programs out there to help us keep track of these crazy schedules such as Google Calendar and Apple iCal. Wouldn't it be great if all of your Planapple trip plans automatically appeared in your main calendar program so you could keep track of them there along with everything else?

Sync Itinerary With Calendar

As of today, Planapple's new "Sync Itinerary" feature makes this easy. Once you've added start and end dates to your trip, click on the "Sync itinerary with Google Calendar or iCal" link under the calendar widget on the right side of the main trip page.

This will bring up a dialog with a special link that you can copy and paste into most calendar programs. This will let them import all of your scheduled Planapple trips and itineraries as a shared calendar. (For those who are curious, the link is called an iCal Feed which is like an RSS or news feed for your calendar).

For more instructions on how to do this with specific calendar programs click the "Need some help" link at the bottom of the dialog.

All of your trips, destinations, and itineraries in one place

You only need to add this link once to your calendar program. From then on, all of your trips, destinations, and items scheduled on your trip itineraries will show up under the same shared 'Planapple' calendar in your calendar program. You can always remove Planapple from your calendar program, just like you would any shared calendar (check your program's documentation to see how).

As with many shared calendars, you won't be able to edit your Planapple itinerary from your calendar program. For the moment it's "read only." To make edits you'll have to go back to your trip on Planapple. But any edits you make on Planapple to your  itinerary will automatically show up in your calendar program (after some delay depending on the program).

We hope you find this new feature handy. As always, let us know what you think with questions or comments via the "feedback" tab on the right.