Thursday, October 13, 2011

Add notes and paste web stuff into your trip

When first getting started on Planapple, we mainly used it to keep track of our travel related bookmarks from the web. With the Planapple bookmarking tool, we saved B&B web sites, reviews from Trip Advisor or Yelp, NY Times articles, or even flight searches and online itineraries.

As time went on we realized that we also needed to add simple notes or lists of things to remember ("don't forget to buy a gift for Mom's birthday"). Other times we wanted to copy and paste just a snippet of text from a web page or an email (often directions or check-in information).

Today, we've added a new feature to Planapple that lets you add free-form notes to your trip. They show up just like entries you added by bookmarking or emailing, and you can stick these notes in categories, add comments to discuss with other travelers, even drop them in your itinerary. You can also use simple text formatting like bullet points, numbered lists, or bold and italic for emphasis. And if you copy and paste something from a web page (such as a table of flight information), much of the formatting should be preserved.

At the bottom of any list of entries, click "Add Entry" to try it out and let us know what you think!