Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hello World!

Hey there and welcome to the inaugural entry of the Planapple company blog! Over the last several months we've been hard at work designing and building a better tool to help ourselves (and people like us) organize travel plans. After a few round-trips to the drawing board, we think we've got something that's actually pretty handy, and are excited to start sharing it with other folks on the web.

Planapple: What is it?

Planapple helps you organize all your travel stuff in one place, talk about it with family and friends, and take it with you on the road.

If you're like us, planning for a trip often involves a bit of web research, a lot of emails, a few dates on the calendar, and a lot of ideas that might be interesting to check out once you're there. Keeping track of all of this stuff can be a pain. In the past everything was spread across email threads, browser bookmarks, calendars, notebooks and even voice mail. For larger trips we might actually print everything out on paper and assemble it into a 'travel binder' that we could take with us on the road.

Planapple provides a single place on the web to store all of this stuff, organize it (as much as you want), and discuss it with other travelers on your trip. Think of it like a virtual bulletin board/notebook for your trip. You can forward in emails to it, save bookmarks to it, and copy and paste text and notes from any web page, all while posting updates, questions and comments to everyone you're traveling with.

Stay Tuned, There's More To Come!

While we think the version of Planapple available now is pretty useful, we're just getting started. We've got a slew of ideas and features in the hopper that we're excited to roll out over the course of the year. Stayed tuned and check back to this blog often to see what's new, as well as to find tips and tricks for using the product.

And, most importantly, we'd love to hear your feedback and ideas about how make Planapple a better helper for simplifying your travel planning process. As two guys with a couple of computers, we're only half the team required to build a great product that solves a real problem. The other half is you the customer - so let us know what you need! Please feel free to click on the "Feedback" tab on the right to share your thoughts with us or get help with any questions or concerns.


Thanks again for trying Planapple, and we wish you many happy trips in the future!

The Planapple Team (Pete & Mike)